A simple and transversal collection, with different colours which are combined to create a more traditional table service or one more dynamic and fun.

Sugar Bowl Oat

Sugar Bowl Cocoa

Sugar Bowl Sandy Grey

AçucareSugar Bowl Green Olive Tree

Sugar Bowl Red

Tea Pot Oat

Tea Pot Cocoa

Tea Pot Sandy Grey

Tea Pot Green Olive Tree

Tea Pot Red

Mug Oat

Mug Cocoa

Mug Sandy Grey

Mug Green Olive Tree

Mug Red

Coffee Cup and Saucer Oat

Coffee Cup and Saucer Cocoa

Coffee Cup and Saucer Sandy Grey

Coffee Cup and Saucer Green Olive Tree

Coffee Cup and Saucer Red

Tea Cup and Saucer Oat

Tea Cup and Saucer Cocoa

Tea Cup and Saucer Sandy Grey

Tea Cup and Saucer Green Olive Tree

Tea Cup and Saucer Red

Fantasia - Pitcher 1,5L Oat

Fantasia - Pitcher 1,5L Cocoa

Pitcher 1,5L Sandy Grey

Fantasia - Pitcher 1,5L Green Olive Tree

Fantasia - Pitcher1,5L Red

Fantasia - Milk Jug Oat

Fantasia - Milk Jug Cocoa

Fantasia - Milk Jug Sandy Grey

Fantasia - Milk Jug Red

Cake Stand 22 Sandy Grey

Cake Stand 28 Sandy Grey

Cake Stand 34,5 Sandy Grey

Fantasia - Cake Stand 22 Oat

Fantasia - Cake Stand 22 Cocoa

Fantasia - Cake Stand 22 Green Olive Tree

Fantasia - Cake Stand 22 Red

Fantasia - Cake Stand 28 Oat

Fantasia - Cake Stand 28 Cocoa

Fantasia - Cake Stand 28 Green Olive Tree

Fantasia - Cake Stand 28 Red

Charger Plate 34 Sandy Grey

Dinner Plate 29 Sandy Grey

Fantasia - Dessert Plate 22 Oat

Fantasia - Dessert Plate 22 Sandy Grey

Salad Bowl 21,5 Sandy Grey

Pasta Bowl 35 Sandy Grey

Bowl 14,5 Sandy Green

Rice Bowl 12,5 Sandy Green

Platter 45 Sandy Grey

Milk Jug Green Olive Tree

Cake Stand 34,5 Oat

Cake Stand 34,5 Cocoa

Cake Stand 34,5 Green Olive Tree

Cake Stand 34,5 Red

Charger Plate 34 Oat

Charger Plate 34 Cocoa

Charger Plate 34 Green Olive Tree

Charger Plate 34 Red

Dinner Plate 29 Oat

Dinner Plate 29 Cocoa

Dinner Plate 29 Green Olive Tree

Dinner Plate 29 Red

Dessert Plate 22 Cocoa

Dessert Plate 22 Green Olive Tree

Dessert Plate 22 Red

Salad Bowl 21,5 Oat

Salad Bowl 21,5 Cocoa

Salad Bowl 21,5 Green Olive Tree

Salad Bowl 21,5 Red

Salad Bowl 23 Oat

Salad Bowl 23 Cocoa

Salad Bowl 23 Sandy Grey

Salad Bowl 23 Green Olive Tree

Salad Bowl 23 Red

Salad Bowl 30 Oat

Salad Bowl 30 Cocoa

Salad Bowl 30 Sandy Grey

Salad Bowl 30 Green Olive Tree

Salad Bowl 30 Red

Pasta Bowl 35 Oat

Pasta Bowl 35 Cocoa

Pasta Bowl 35 Green Olive Tree

Pasta Bowl 35 Red

Bowl 14,5 Oat

Bowl 14,5 Cocoa

Bowl 14,5 Green Olive Tree

Bowl 14,5 Red

Rice Bowl 12,5 Oat

Rice Bowl 12,5 Cocoa

Rice Bowl 12,5 Green Olive Tree

Rice Bowl 12,5 Red

Tar Tray Oat

Tart Tray Cocoa

Tart Tray Sandy Grey

Tart Tray Green Olive Tree

Tart Tray Red

Platter 45 Oat

Platter 45 Cocoa

Platter 45 Green Olive Tree

Platter 45 Red