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Terrina Noé

Under Barrão’s poetic continuity of objects’ ownership, disconnecting them from their original contexts and uses, giving them a new sense, is presented Terrina Noé. A naturalistic composition, using Rafael Bordallo Pinheiro’s ceramic universe as a starting point but, this time, Barrão did not limited himself to the reuse of the remains already produced and finished during the productive procedure, but rather intervenes in the ceramic process. The game of fitting and accumulation starts right away in the contact with the plastic materials and ceramic moulds, also using Bordallo’s colour palette.

Tureen 0,55L

Tureen 0,75L

Tureen 1,5L

Tureen 4,3L

Tureen 6,3L


Tureen 0,2L Beige

Tureen 0,2L Natural

Tureen 0,4L Beige

Tureen 0,4L Natural

Tureen 2L Natural