Saint Clair Cemin

 Saint Clair Cemin (Cruz Alta, 1951) is a Brazilian plastic artist. He lives and works in New York. He studied at the National School of Fine Arts in Paris, France.

For his sculptures, he combines materials such as bronze, iron, wood, marble and synthetic resins.

To each series of sculptures, he looks for an ideal address to merge them. This desire made the artist live between Paris and New York, where he is based since 1978.

But it was in China that the sculptor found the perfect place to produce, with oriental rigor, his most recent pieces. So different in the forms as in the materials used, these works combine a provocative and good-natured spirit. His works can be found in various museums in the world and in international exhibitions.

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Galo Bordallo

Elsa Rebelo invited me to the Bordallianos of Brazil, and insisted on it. I, ignorant of the work of Bordallo, claimed a full calendar (which was true). Finally she sent me pictures of his work. This convinced me immediately, for the work of Bordallo Pinheiro matches my artistic mentality so much that seeing it was like finding a close relative unknown until then. I should use the factory’s moulds, but as I am not much of a "ready-made" person so I suggested that I would do something in the Bordallo style. I went to my studio in Bourgogne and, among a thousand sketches and studies I found an extravagant and autarchic rooster proudly holding a feather, ready to write something. At this point I realized that this was the portrait of Bordallo, Galo Bordallo, Borgalo! I increasingly believe in the influence of the future on the past. I'm sure my future contact with the work of Rafael Bordallo was already producing a retroactive effect, a secret inspiration so that, without knowing why, over a year before I‘d make the philosophical portrait of Rafael Bordallo. The rooster was made at the factory in Caldas da Rainha, not with a feather but with the famous Bordallo mechanical pencil, the one that is seen in his self-portraits, in caricatures that he drew.