Cabbage, in its rough and flat form, could be used as a metaphor for Portugal’s rustic ways, which Bordallo had so many times caricatured. This was a clever way to honour it, placing it on the bourgeois’ tables, where other way it had not been invited.


Olive Dish Beige

Olive Dish Natural

Leaf With Snail Natural

Leaf with Curvature 12 Beige

Leaf 25 Natural

Leaf 25 wih Curvuture Natural

Leaf with Curvature 25 Beige

Leaf 25 Beige

Leaf 28 Beige

Leaf 28 Natural Colours

Leaf 35 Crooked Natural

Leaf 9 Beige

Leaf 9 Natural Colours

Leaf with Bowl 28 Natural

Leaf with Bowl 34 Beige

Leaf with Bowl 34 Natural

Leaf with Curvature 12 Natural

Leaf 18,5 Beige

Leaf with Curvature 18,5 Natural

Concave Leaf 26 Beige

Concave Leaf 26 Natural

Narrow Leaf 40 Beige

Narrow Leaf 40 Natural

Cheese Tray 39,5 Beige

Cheese Tray 39,5 Natural

Leaf Crooked 35 Beige

Fruit Bowl 37 Beige

Sauceboat Beige

Sauceboat Natural

Plate 19 Beige

Plate 19 Natural

Cake Stand 31 Beige

Cake Stand 31 Natural

Charger Plate 30,5 Beige

Charger Plate 30,5 Natural

Dinner Plate 26,5 Beige

Dinner Plate 26,5 Natural

Cheese Tray Natural

Salad Bowl 28,5 Beige

Salad Bowl 28,5 Natural

Salad Bowl 29,5 Beije

Salad Bowl 29,5 Natural

Salad Bowl 32,5 Natural

Salad Bowl 40 Natural

Deep Salad Bowl 29 Beige

Deep Salad Bowl 29 Natural

Bowl 12 Beige

Bowl 12 Natural

Bowl 15 Beige

Bowl 15 Natural

Bowl 17,5 Beige

Bowl 17,5 Natural

Bowl 22,5 Beige

Bowl 22,5 Natural

Bowl 29 Natural

Tureen 0,2L Beige

Tureen 0,2L Natural

Tureen 0,4L Beige

Tureen 0,4L Natural

Tureen 2L Natural

Tureen 3L Beige

Tureen 3L Natural

Oval Platter 37,5 Beige

Oval Platter 43 Beige

Oval Platter 43 Natural

Fruit Bowl 37 Natural

Oval Platter 37,5 Natural