Geranium could be considered the national flower, as it is the most typical among the Portuguese flowers embellishing gardens and balconies all across the country. It was represented by Bordallo Pinheiro for its unmistakable foliage.

Leaf 20 Green

Leaf 8 White

Leaf 17 White

Leaf 17 Green

Leaf 20 White

Leaf 8 Green

Green Leaf with Natural Snail

Cake Stand 22 Green

Cake Stand 33 White

Cake Stand 33 Green

Cake Stand with Rabbit 33 White

Fruit Plate 22 White

Fruit Plate 22 Green

Charger Plate 33 White

Charger Plate 33 Green

Dinner Plate 27,5 White

Dinner Plate 27,5 Green

Salad Bowl 27 White

Salad Bowl 27 Green

Bowl 15 White

Platter Leaves on Rim 39 White

Platter Leaves on Rim 39 Green

Relief Platter 39 White

Relief Platter 39 Green