Snow Flakes

Snowflakes are part of the Christmas scenario as well as the imagination of those associated with this time of year. This collection combines kindness with enthusiasm.

Mug Beige

Mug Red

Candlestick 14 Beige

Candlestick 14 Red

Pitcher Beige

Pitcher Red

Cake Stand 22 Beige

Cake Stand 22 Red

Cake Stand 33,5 Beige

Cake Stand 33,5 Red

Fruit Plate 22 Beige

Fruit Plate 22 Red

Charger Plate 34 Beige

Charger Plate 34 Red

Dinner Plate 28 Beige

Dinner Plate 28 Red

Salad Bowl 25,5 Beige

Salad Bowl 25,5 Red

Bowl 20 Beige

Bowl 20 Red

Star Bowl 37 Beige

Star Bowl 37 Red

Star Bowl 45 Beige

Star Bowl 45 Red

Bowl 15 Beige

Bowl 15 Red

Platter 34,5 Beige

Platter 34,5 Red

Platter 41 Beige

Platter 41 Red