WWB - WorldWide Bordallianos

WWB – WorldWide Bordallianos, a collection that brings continuity to Bordallo Pinheiro 125 years – Portugal Bordallianos and 20 Brazil Bordallianos collections. This project will integrate pieces from national and international invited artists and will be restricted to a maximum of 2 annual releases, limited to 125 numbered copies.

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Banana Prata Madeira

The universe of an artist is always characterised by aesthetic and territorial references. This applies to Nini Andrade Silva, who in Banana Prata Madeira, a masterpiece created exclusively for Bordallo Pinheiro, forming part of the official commemorations of the 600th anniversary of the Discovery of Madeira, draws inspiration from the vast geographic territory where she was born. In this piece, Nini merges her stroke with Bordallian naturalist aesthetics through the delicate and original reinterpretation of the sensorial inheritance of Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro. The white that envelops Banana Prata Madeira, dramatically finished with a black stripe, contrasts with and also alludes to the universe of living colours of Bordallo Pinheiro, used, simultaneously, to enhance the expressiveness and exuberance of the shapes. A perfectly balanced exuberance, which skilfully alludes to a characteristic element in the works of the author: the pebbles of the beaches of the Island of Madeira. Banana Prata Madeira, florid figure that also symbolises the region as a source of culture, history and knowledge, is the second piece of the WorldWide Bordallianos project, after Figo of Paula Rego, comprising a limited edition of 125 numbered copies.


The work, which constitutes as the first ceramic piece of the artist, uses the typical textures from Bordallian ceramics, also the green glaze so characteristic of the Caldas da Rainha and of the naturalism of Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro, representing the materialization of the encounter between two Portuguese artistic geniuses and crossing the pictorial intensity of Paula Rego with the exuberant energy of the Bordallo Pinheiro ceramics